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Halloween Wettbewerb

Im Englisch Plus Unterricht an der Bahnhofstrasse wurden die Schülerinnen und Schüler kreativ aber auch sprachlich herausgefordert. Nebst Dekorationselementen mussten auch Halloween Gedichte verfasst werden. Hier einige Impressionen und Rückblicke der Gruppen.

Last time we had a Halloween Contest. We cut a pumpkin and transformed some marshmallows into spiders or ghosts. We cut a black paper to make a bat and wrote on a cookie «Happy Halloween» and we also wrote a poem.





We decorated a pumpkin and carved it, too. We disguised the marshmallows as vampires and lighted candle in the pumpkin. We also had to create a spider, a bat and a Halloween poem.

With sweets we did a Halloween decoration. We had a pumpkin, some cookies, marshmallows, food colouring, smarties and sheets of paper. Our time limit was 45 minutes and we had to create or draw a spider, a ghost, a spiderweb, a bat, decorate the cookies and carve a pumpkin. It was very stressful because we didn’t have much time. In the last minute we also had to write a poem. But it was very funny. Happy Halloween!






Be careful outside,
Many spiders gonna hide.
Bats will fly over your head
And you wish you are not there.
So move your back to the next door
And ask for a lot more.

A ghost is white
Hiding in a house.
The moon is bright
And dance with the mouse.

Kids are walking through the streets,
people put in their case some sweets.
They are frightening like a ghost,
and put on Instagram a post.

Monsters, stalking through the night,
The ghosts and witches will give you a fright.
Fear is what this night brings,
Watch your back, be careful with all the things.